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 On her debut project, Delacey spills her heart out with zero inhibition, speaking truth about love and sex and fear and strength. With a narrative voice that’s both self-aware and sharply poetic, the L.A.-based singer/songwriter instills each track with the melodic ingenuity she’s shown in co-writing songs like Halsey’s “Without Me” (a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100), and ultimately builds an infinitely fascinating body of work. 

The intense impact of Delacey’s music has much to do with her instinct-driven creative process. “When I’m writing I don’t ever write the lyrics down—I just keep them in my brain, and sing the song out until it all comes together,” she says. And with the release of her debut project, Delacey hopes that her purposely unfiltered songwriting might bring catharsis to others. “I’m really just an endless bank of crazy things I’ve gone through, and I feel like I’ve worked so many emotional rollercoasters into all of these songs,” she says. “I made a point of saying things that maybe most people would never say, so hopefully that helps people to connect in a really honest way—and I hope that it makes them a little uncomfortable sometimes too.” 

“As a lyricist I’m always writing from a very personal place, no matter who I’m writing for, because I really don’t know how to do it any other way,” says Delacey. “But this whole project was just on another level as far as using my own voice and my own language, and being completely unashamed to say whatever I wanted.”

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